Clam Shell Labeling

Demand the best of print and apply technology!

The Lone Peak Labeling clamshell system combines the best of today’s print and apply technologies to being you perhaps the most advanced and dependable print and apply system  on the market today. Our system will not only help your productivity increase by leaps and bounds, it will also raise your labeling print quality without sacrificing a moment of down time.

While our clambshell labeler also gives you a better seal for your container, it is also optimized to all package types, shapes, and sizes depending on what your products are. It is extremely adjustable for all of your product lines. Regardless of the style of your container, our system design demonstrates pin point accuracy of your label placement every time. While your scales increase, so will your productivity, leaving you more options for types of product you can sell, whether it be tubs, domes, bowls, deli-trays or whatever you choose. Your possibilities become limitless.

Lone Peak Labeling’s printer applicator makes print and apply labeling easier with our 17″ (432 mm) powered unwind configuration and helps to significantly reduce downtime making your business even more profitable.